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In 2023, the DC WIC developed the Talent Development Technical Assistance (TDTA) initiative to support District businesses in adopting inclusive, skills-based hiring practices. District Bridges was selected as the implementation partner and will help the DC WIC develop a suite of business-facing tools and resources, highlighting best practices to widen the talent pool, decrease recruitment and hiring time, reduce costs for training and employee onboarding, and improve retention rates.

The TDTA initiative will provide both individual and cohort-based technical assistance and training to support successful implementation of inclusive hiring practices. Additionally, TDTA hopes to partner with community-based organizations across the city to collect data and feedback from small businesses on the needs and barriers they face to adopting inclusive skills-based hiring practices to inform future program and resource development.

Below is the first of several free publicly available courses that focus on skills-based hiring. These courses are a resource for participants to learn more about skills-based practices. Visit Access Point to enroll and view the full curriculum. Stay tuned for more course releases throughout September.

WIC – Attracting the Right Talent in DC

In the evolving landscape of Washington D.C.’s job market, traditional hiring methods are undergoing a transformation. This course introduces the concept of skills-based hiring, highlighting the importance of valuing competencies over qualifications. Learners will explore the business advantages of this approach, backed by real-world case studies like JetBlue’s innovative strategy. The curriculum further equips participants with the skills to craft effective, bias-free job postings, and offers strategies for refining recruitment processes. Emphasis is placed on inclusivity, feedback mechanisms, and the role of demographic surveys in enhancing recruitment. By course end, participants will be ready to revolutionize their hiring practices, aligning with modern market demands.

Attracting the right talent in DC -


WIC – Candidate Evaluation

In this comprehensive course, we guide small businesses through a skills-based approach to recruitment, starting with an introduction to the limitations of traditional, credential-focused methods. We then cover how to shift from pedigree-based screening to competency-focused evaluation, enabling a fairer and more precise candidate assessment. Subsequent lessons delve into the nuts and bolts of skills-based interviewing, teaching you how to ask competency-focused questions and avoid common pitfalls. We also introduce the concept of work-based assessments for a practical understanding of a candidate’s abilities. Finally, the course culminates with a recap and a useful checklist to help you seamlessly integrate these techniques into your hiring process. Our aim is to help you find candidates who not only fit well on paper but excel in their roles.

Candidate Evaluation -

For more information, please contact: [email protected].