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Sybongile Cook, DMPED

Sybongile Cook-board photo_Resized.pngSybongile is a member of the Mayor’s Financial Literacy Council and has held multiple roles within the Executive of the Mayor of the District of Columbia since 2009. She started as Program Manager expanding the framework of the district’s Bank on DC program. Ms. Cook additionally lead efforts towards securing the city’s first ever multi-year grant for the Department of Employment Services (DOES) – Marion S. Barry’s Summer Youth Employment Program, from the Cities Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE). In 2016, she returned to DMPED as the Director of Great Streets & Retail deploying over 30 million dollars to small businesses commercial corridors in all 8 wards and launched the Mayor’s Neighborhood Prosperity Fund which had its first groundbreaking announcement of a Ward 8 grocer retailer on January 2, 2019. Ms. Cook continued her work with the Department of Employment Services in 2019, as the Associate Director of the Office of Talent & Client Service and returned to DMPED to serve as the Director of Business Development & Strategy, where she is on her third tour at DMPED.