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WIC Board

The Workforce Investment Council (WIC) Board is comprised of representatives from the private-sector, organized labor, nonprofit organizations, and District government; with a majority of members being private-sector officials. Its membership represents a diverse range of stakeholders seeking to improve the District's workforce investment system. 

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See the full list of WIC board members.

WIC Bylaws


WIC Committees and Membership

The WIC board has four established committees which enable the WIC to become more vibrant and effective, and empower members to take on greater leadership roles in the District's workforce system.

Executive Committee: Acts on behalf of the WIC on all policy, performance management, fiscal and administrative issue related to the local workforce investment system.

Youth Committee: Focused on youth policy, programming and performance.

Economic and Workforce Alignment Committee: Focused on WIOA performance, state/local policy, Labor Market Information, Demand Occupation List evaluation, and coordination of the Eligible Training Provider List.

Policy, Compliance, and Implementation Committee: Focused on policy, programming, and performance, and supports connection and alignment among other focused organizing bodies. Focuses on the administration of District-specific programming and service delivery (including American Job Centers [AJCs], and one-stop operations) and related outcomes.


Note: Members of the Executive Committee and Councilmembers are able to participate in any of the Youth, Economic and Workforce Alignment, and Policy, Compliance, and Implementation Committee meetings at their discretion.