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DC Works

Demand Industry Sectors

Demand Industry Councils (DIC)

Demand Industry Councils (DIC) are comprised of representatives from Healthcare, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Hospitality, and Construction sectors that work together to identify district labor market challenges. The council’s primary focus is on closing industry-specific skills gaps in their communities by reducing barriers to employment, creating career pathways to high quality jobs and aligning education to workforce needs. The council provides strategic advice to assist with program development.

Demand Industry Council (DIC) Engagement Sessions

The Workforce Investment Council (WIC) will be hosting a series of Demand Industry Council Engagement Sessions. The sessions will be business-driven and employer led to focus on closing the skills gap and increasing the talent pipeline within the High Demand Industries. The council is comprised of 3 to 5 industry professionals that will work to develop a holistic picture of sector needs.

The ability of a skilled workforce is widely recognized as one of the most critical factors in economic development. The premier focus will be to identify solutions that will widen and strengthen the talent pool in order to create opportunities and fill positions with qualified talent from the district.


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