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Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires states to maintain a list of providers approved to offer training to individuals eligible to receive WIOA funds. Federal law calls this list the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). The providers on the ETPL offer occupational skills training programs that are authorized to receive WIOA funding through Individual Training Accounts (ITAs). The list also enables American Job Center (AJC) Workforce Specialists to assist customers in selecting training programs that will help prepare them to obtain a job by equipping them with the skills that are required by local employers in a high-demand field.

The inclusion of a training provider on the ETPL, and designation of approval for ITA funding, does not guarantee funds, nor is it a requirement that the Workforce Investment Council (WIC) or an AJC make any referrals to the provider. Moreover, the selection of an appropriate training provider is a mutual decision made by the AJC Workforce Specialist and the prospective participant, based on their individual preference.

Current ETPL Highlights

   - 3 ETPL providers and 5 apprenticeships with 47 Programs of study

Current DCWIC Approved List Highlights

   - 15 approved providers with 80 programs of study

Information for Training Providers

The WIC's evaluation process involves review of the ETPL application materials submitted through the DC Works website by both the WIC Staff and members of the WIC Board. Upon determination of eligibility, training providers must meet requirements deeming them suitable to conduct business with the District of Columbia. The WIC’s program evaluation includes a comparison of the proposed occupational training curriculum with the District’s Demand Sectors and Occupation List, verification of a current educational license (for public, private or CBO providers) from the Higher Education Licensure Commission or appropriate state equivalent, review of program performance outcomes, and a site visit, conducted at the training facility. Please note that all training programs approved for the District's ETPL must be directly aligned with the District's Demand Sectors and Occupation List. Training providers interested in joining the ETPL are encouraged to watch our informational video and fill out the interest application below.


Video: Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)

Interest Application:  ETPL Application


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