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DC Works

District of Columbia Nondiscrimination Plan

As the State entity with the responsibility for carrying out the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity provisions of the WIOA, the DC WIC is committed to ensuring that all recipients are aware of their obligations under the District’s Nondiscrimination Plan.


ELEMENT I - Assurances

Appendix I-1

ELEMENT II - Equal Opportunity Officers

Appendix II-1    State organizational chart

Appendix II-2    DOES organizational chart

Appendix II-3    2017 EO Officer Training

Appendix II-4    2018 EO Officer Training

Appendix II-5 2020 EO Officer Training

ELEMENT III - Notice and Communication

Appendix III-1    “Equal Opportunity is the Law” Notice in the District’s Top 10 Languages

Appendix III-2    “Equal Opportunity is the Law” Notice signature form in the District’s Top 10 Languages

Appendix III-3   WIOA Section 188 reasonable accommodations policies and procedures

Appendix III-3A    Accommodation Request Form (disability)

Appendix III-3B    Final Determination on a Request for Accommodation (disability)

Appendix III-3C  List of Available Supports

Appendix III-4A    “I speak” card with language line information

Appendix III-4B   LEP data captured

Appendix III-5 Religious Modifications Policy

Appendix III-5A Modification Request Form

Appendix III-5B Final Determination on Request for Religious Modification

Appendix III-6    Sample brochure with taglines and alternative communication where telephone listed 

ELEMENT IV - Affirmative Outreach

ELEMENT V - Data and Information Collection and Maintenance

Appendix V-1    Data collection and maintenance Policies and Procedures 

Appendix V-2    DCNetworks data collection

ELEMENT VI - Mayor’s Oversight and Monitoring Responsibilities for State Programs

Appendix VI-1    Monitoring Policy

Appendix VI-1 A - General Monitoring Checklist

Appendix VI-1 B - Draft Notification Letter

Appendix VI-1 C - ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Appendix VI-1 D - ADA Physical Access Checklist

Appendix VI-2    Corrective actions and sanctions policy

Appendix VI-2 A - Letter of Findings

Appendix VI-2 B - Notice to Show Cause

Appendix VI-2 C - Final Determination Sanctions

Appendix VI-2 E - Table of Corrective Actions and Sanctions

ELEMENT VII - Mayor’s Oversight Responsibilities Regarding Recordkeeping

ELEMENT VIII - Complaint Processing Procedures

Appendix VIII-1     Discrimination Complaint Procedures

Appendix VIII-1 A - Complaint Form and Consent

Appendix VIII-1 B - Jurisdiction Checklist

Appendix VIII-1 C - No Jurisdiction

Appendix VIII-1 D - Untimely

Appendix VIII-1 E - Acceptance Letter

Appendix VIII-1 F - Consent to Mediate

Appendix VIII-1 G - List of Mediators

Appendix VIII-1 H - Sample Agreement

Appendix VIII-1 I - Investigation Plan

Appendix VIII-1 J - Notice of Final Action

Appendix VIII-1 K - Complaint Log

Appendix VIII-1 L - Complaint Log Instructions

Appendix VIII-1 M - Communication Log

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. District Relay: 711.